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From Maison Objet

Many of us are aware Mother Earth is facing issues ranging from the destruction of ecosystems to the loss of millions of species. Thich Nhat Hanh, who teaches the art of mindfulness explains in his book Love Letters to the Earth, about the importance of re-establishing our connection with Mother Earth. He illuminates both our connection and our responsibility towards the planet. He confirms our COLLECTIVE HAPPINESS and WELL-BEING are the main factors to push for CHANGE.

The good news is, CHANGE and SUSTAINABILITY have been embraced country by country in many different ways. Today the textile manufacturing industry, in its effort to embrace the change and stay in touch with nature, is bringing innovative technologies to create high performing fabric blends and earth-friendly products.

At Maison & Objet, Spring-Summer 2019, Paris edition, the home, and interior markets redefined itself and agreed on embracing the mother nature theme. Raw materials such as wood, cotton-jute-hemp, natural colors, and accents of vegetation were combined in order to create a peaceful and earthy environment.

Some fabric blends are becoming more mainstream and consumers are more eco-conscious about the products they want to buy. For instance, pineapple plant fibers are currently used for textiles and the water hyacinth fibers are being used to mass-produce baskets and home accessories. An array of fabric blends have been introduced into the market such as Poly-recycled bottles blend and recycle spandex that’s been re-spun into new fabric in order to control waste, make fabrics more resistant, durable, and less toxic towards the environment.

Now back in our studio, we are creating a tool for you to continue to innovate your product line. We have created an editorial focusing on the M&O January 2019 trend highlights. It includes most used themes and color stories by the exhibitors, collateral material, and much more. The full editorial will give you access to the grand scope of the show and access to over one thousand pictures. You will feel like you were there walking the show with us.