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FW 21/22
aligned intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) displays itself in a multitude of ways, from online shopping data collection, smartphone assistants, Instagram & Facebook suggesting products to buy based on our likes, inter-team chat tools, 3D mapping to immersive virtual experiences or augmented reality.

Every industry has its own AI development happening, and the design world is following behind that trend and improving as it progresses with other market influencers. Here designers experiment and apply new techniques to enhance the customer’s visual experience using 3D software technologies and its plugins or applications.

To work on innovation and after three weeks of intense work and software training behind doors, Active Lifestyle Designer Maxyel Acevedo and Creative Director Alexsandra Ortiz, co-founder of Creativo Design Studio -textile design- joined forces to work on a creative project. The collaboration includes color, trend forecast, prints & patterns, apparel design, AI inclusion of CAD (computer-aided design), textile design software, and 3D pattern making and rendering applications.

While searching for how to implement this creative project on LinkedIn, we decided to collaborate and adapt our work by training and learning new technologies. This way, like a mixed media project, we have used different technologies to the best of our abilities to bring our visions and ideas to life thru our Fall-Autumn 21/22 theme called Aligned Intelligence.

We will share our final creative collaboration project in the next few posts; we combined 3D pattern making and design, color, trend projections, prints & patterns, and market research intelligence focused on apparel and textile design. Here we would like to showcase the interaction between two interconnected worlds: apparel and surface textile design.

We are thrilled to share our capabilities and our final creative project with all of you. Let us know what you think.

Stay aligned and stay tuned for more great collaborations. Cheers!